Huff & Puff Bag (Donate Your Textile)

Huff & Puff Bag (Donate Your Textile)

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How Project Huff & Puff Works:

Step 1: Donate 1-4 pieces of unwanted garments/textile and drop it off at my Chinatown Studio! 

*strictly no underwear pls!

*stained/spoilt textiles are acceptable

*pls help make sure the donated items are washed first 

Step 2: We will use your donated textile to create the puffy bag of your choice. Your donated textile will directly reflect the aesthetic of your puffy bag!


Item is made upon receiving your Textile Donation and sewn in Singapore! Give us about 4-5 weeks to sew it up!

Front & Back have the same set of fabric squares/design.

Dimensions: 32 (W) x 32cm (H)

Handle Height: 10cm

Material: Scrap Fabrics of Cotton/Linen/Polyester

Stuffing: Scrap Yarns and Polyester Stuffing