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Beadbadwolf is a brand built by Textile Artist, Cheryl. Formally trained in Fashion Design, and a Visual Merchandiser throughout her decade-long industry experience.

Her passion for craft + design has been infinitely burning since young. Her craft is deeply inspired by her Peranakan roots through the use of beadwork and vibrant colours. Her love for design -honed and chiselled- while hustling in the design industry. Her works include apparel design, graphic, prop production and visual display styling.

Her corporate roles have lighted up many bright ideas that led her to eventually marry craft + design into a full-blown passion. Now, it spans from embroidery art to large-scale art installations and craft workshops.

Under her online moniker @beadbadwolf, craft + design shares the same spotlight that aims to spark a little passion for the arts within the community, wherever.

She is currently an Adjunct Lecturer at NAFA, and a resident artist at Peranakan heritage site, Kim Choo.
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