So, the face and hands behind Beadbadwolf is me, Cheryl!

I am very much loving what I do as a Textile Artist, and for this I am beyond thankful! I am actually trained in Fashion Design, and was working as a Visual Merchandiser for a full decade prior.

My passion for craft stems from my wonderful grandmother whom I have lived with since young. She was the one who taught me sewing, crochet and so much more! And if I do share a bead more about her, I might tear. But, her love for sharing craft is what motivates me to share mine too via workshops.

So well, craft and design have always been my pillar of strength and comfort. You could say my love for colours and beads in everything I dabble with is cos of my Peranakan roots. But in all simplicity, colours make me happy!
My field of What-I-Love-&-Do spans from embroidery, weaving, batik-making, apparel design, graphic design to visual display styling.  So, do find me on my IG handle @beadbadwolf for colourful crafty stuff that I hope can spark a little passion for the arts within the community, wherever.


p.s: I am currently hustling at Beadbadwolf 24/7, while teaching as an Adjunct Lecturer at NAFA.
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