Craft + Community + Earth

In a huff and a puff, Craft + Community + Earth is the center of everything that Beadbadwolf does.

Our Social Impact

We provide training via needlework, sewing and craft workshops for our local beneficiaries (low-income individuals, homemakers) to help them gain skills and earn extra income by joining Beadbadwolf's production team

Our Environmental Impact

We looked at our young kids, loved ones and we pondered over their future on Earth. They are our everything, and that is why Beadbadwolf is committed to making the best choices for our environment. Our sustainability ethos start from the selection of eco-friendly fabrics, to small-batch production and right down to the management of scrap fabrics and the garment's afterlife. Let us explain more..


"a sustainability state of mind.."




  • We use 100% Linen for its earth-friendly & embroidery-friendly property
  • Grown from the Flax plant, Linen is fully biodegradable and leaves zero toxic waste into the environment when in its natural colours
  • We are mindblown by the fact that a Linen top uses 6.4 litres of water compared to a Cotton top that requires 2700 litres of water
  • A little issue is that our coloured linens are not dyed sustainably and this can be further improved


Deadstock Fabric 

  • We source them locally and use them in both our garments and packaging
  • Reduces textile waste by reducing the carbon footprint that would have been expended in manufacturing new materials
  • One yard of deadstock fabric can save up to 2700 litres of water!


Donated Textiles

  • We save unwanted curtains/bedsheets/garments that are rejected by donation drives and potentially saving them from going into environmentally-damaging landfills
  • Cleaned and repurposed into Beadbadwolf's packaging carriers and bags that are reused over and over again


Our Seamstresses are all based in Singapore and made up of our community of skilled ladies. They are local seamstresses, homemakers, and retirees who wish to earn an extra income or are from low-income families. 

We value them for their skills.

And, we support them with fair wages. 20-30% of each garment sale goes directly to our production team So, we can't thank you guys enough for your orders!

Our Preorder policy allows us to drastically minimize waste by planning our garment production properly and buying only what is needed.

All our fabric scraps are used to make masks, accessories, buttons, pouches and packaging. Zero waste is very much possible!

Our Embroidery is done solely by Cheryl as of now. But, training is well underway to help our local beneficiaries enhance their needlework skills and be part of our embroidery team.

Our Responsibility
Beadbadwolf made your garments and Beadbadwolf takes full responsibility for your garments and what it does to Earth.

Please feel free to send your garments back to us should you have fallen out of love/size with it. For a small fee, we can turn your garments into smaller bags, accessories or masks for you. The possibilities are truly endless! If you bought our garments secondhand, this gesture extends to you as well.

Should there be stains on your garments after a weekend food haul, we can work some embroidery magic on it to prolong its life.

Whatever it is, please don't throw our (love) garments away! We can always talk it out :)