Who Are We?

In a huff and a puff, Beadbadwolf is a brand with a tale to tell. . .

There are 3 little passions that resided in a tiny heart by the woods. They are Craft, Design and Sustainability.

Craft was first seeded beside a cosy chimney, where grandmother sat on her rocking chair making all kinds of handicraft. She used simple materials like needles and yarns, but beautiful things spun out of it.

Design decided that there must be something better than beautiful. Purpose, perhaps? And so, a trip down the river of knowledge, and many bumpy rides later, something popped up among the bush. Right there, stood a crimson red flower, both beautiful and designed with a purpose.

The wind puffed a little, and a red petal flew into the hands of Sustainability. Something sparked then. "Wonder what can one make of this rose petal? Could we give it a beautiful new purpose? And at the end of it all, return this little one back into the woods?" 

And, it all became clear. Our story could well be a fairytale. A story where the life of our material goods is a cycle. Through handicraft, thoughtful designs and sustainable means, we can create a balanced ecosystem between our materials and our future. Something as fragile as a petal would go on to build us a future that's possibly stronger than a brick. By choosing the right materials, we are in safe hands.

The End