DIY Bouquet Embroidery Kit
DIY Bouquet Embroidery Kit
DIY Bouquet Embroidery Kit


DIY Bouquet Embroidery Kit

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Learn to create this Bouquet pattern with our All-in-One Embroidery Kit!

This embroidery pattern is designed to teach you 5 types of embroidery stitches, 5 types of florals/leaves and might take you about 5 hours to complete! :)

You will also get to learn how to mix your own variegated threads to create a beautiful gradient texture that mimics real bouquets!


Items included:

1 Wooden Embroidery Hoop (15cm diameter)

1 Set of Embroidery Threads (9 colours in total)

1 Piece of Cut Beige Linen Fabric

1 Embroidery Needle

1 Printed Bouquet Paper Pattern

1 Carbon Paper (for transferring pattern onto fabric)

1 PDF Embroidery Manual for you to download immediately at checkout!


Video Tutorial:

As a guide, you can find the 5 stitches taught in this pattern on Our Craft With Me : Wildflower Embroidery Tutorial! For specific instructions to the bouquet pattern, please follow our PDF Embroidery Manual emailed to you!


Project Completion: Takes about 4-5 hours!


Craft Difficulty Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Our video tutorial would be a great guide for those who have no embroidery experience, but we put this pattern at a beginner/intermediate level cos we believe in you!



Scissors will not be included

Thread colours provided may differ slightly in shade

Fabric and threads provided are adequate to complete 1 embroidered bouquet


DIY Bouquet Embroidery Kit
DIY Bouquet Embroidery Kit