DIY Bouquet Embroidery Kit
DIY Bouquet Embroidery Kit
DIY Bouquet Embroidery Kit

DIY Bouquet Embroidery Kit

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Learn to create this Bouquet pattern with our Stick & Stitch Embroidery Kit!

This embroidery pattern is designed to teach you 5 types of embroidery stitches, 5 types of florals/leaves and might take you about 5 hours to complete! :)

You will also get to learn how to mix your own variegated threads to create a beautiful gradient texture that mimics real bouquets!

The bouquet pattern is printed on a water soluble sticker that allows you to stick the pattern on any fabric and stitch! Some possible items you can stitch on would be your own totebag, jeans or any fabric.


Items included:

1 Set of Embroidery Threads (9 colours in total)

1 Embroidery Needle

1 Printed Bouquet Pattern Sticker on Water-soluble Material 

1 PDF Embroidery Manual for you to download immediately at checkout!


Video Tutorial:

As a guide, you can find the 5 stitches taught in this pattern on Our Craft With Me : Wildflower Embroidery Tutorial! For specific instructions to the bouquet pattern, please follow our PDF Embroidery Manual emailed to you!


Project Completion: Takes about 4-5 hours!


Craft Difficulty Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Our video tutorial would be a great guide for those who have no embroidery experience, but we put this pattern at a beginner/intermediate level cos we believe in you!



Scissors will not be included

Thread colours provided may differ slightly in shade

Fabric and threads provided are adequate to complete 1 embroidered bouquet


DIY Bouquet Embroidery Kit
DIY Bouquet Embroidery Kit