Punch Needle + Fine Yarn Workshop (Upon Request)


Punch Needle + Fine Yarn Workshop (Upon Request)

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About this workshop:

This punch needle workshop will teach you the basic techniques and how to create amazing textures using thin yarns! The techniques and texture here are finer and closer to that of embroidery! You will get to choose from a range of motifs to punch on, or opt for an abstract design while exploring the many variations of yarns we have! Your end product will be a square framed art piece which you can add to your home decor!


What you will learn in this workshop:

- Punch Needle Techniques

- How to use the Punch Needle Tool (Fine Needle)

- Types of Yarns (Fine Yarns)

- Finishing 


Materials provided:

(For participants to take home)

  1. 20cm Square Framed with Monk's Cloth
  2. Punch Needle Tool
  3. Yarns


Craft Difficulty Level: Beginner



Workshop Date/Time: Any date/time upon your request! Email us to book a slot!


Duration: 3 hours


Location: 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace, #02-10, S168976


Due to safe-distancing measures, the workshop will be limited to 5 pax per time slot.

* Please note that workshop fees are not refundable and not exchangeable into store credits for purchase of products.

* Should there be any request for change of dates due to unforeseen circumstances after the workshop fee has been paid, feel free to email us! We will arrange another date for you! :)